RIS Policy Briefs

(Relevant to Asian Economic Cooperation)

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#33 Broader Regional Economic Integration in Asia: An Agenda for the East Asia Summit Report of the RIS-ISEAS-IDE Sixth High-Level Conference on Asian Economic Integration (New Delhi, 12-13 November 2007), November 2007
#31 Towards an Asian Regional Mechanism for Addressing Excess Foreign Exchange Reserves, Infrastructure Deficits and Global Imbalances, May 2007
#28 Regionalism with an ‘Asian Face’: An Agenda for the East Asia Summit, October 2006
#23 The Case for an Asian Currency Unit: Need for a Broad-based Approach? May 2006
#17 Regional Trading Arrangements (RTAs) in the World and Asia: Options for India, August 2005
#16 High Risks of Global Imbalances: Role of Infrastructure Investments in Asia, August 2005
#15 Regional Cooperation for Poverty Alleviation and Food Security in Asia, July 2005
#14 Oil Shock and Cyclical Upturn in US Interest Rates: Implications for Asia, February 2004.
#12 Future Directions of BIMST-EC: Towards A Bay of Bengal Economic Community (BoBEC), February 2004.
#9 Road to a Single Currency for South Asia, December 2003.
#8 Energy Cooperation in South Asia: Potential and Prospects, December 2003.
#3 Reserve Bank of Asia: Institutional Framework for Regional and Monetary Financial Cooperation, May 2003.
#2 Initiative for Closer Economic Cooperation with Neighbouring Countries in South Asia, May 2003.
#1 Relevance of an Asian Economic Community, May 2003.