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India and China Fuel Global Recovery

Thalif Deen, Asia Times
January 16, 2004

Last year's global economic recovery was marked by the growing financial weight of the world's two most populous nations - India and China - both of which have been growing more than twice as fast as the world average, the United Nations said Wednesday."Continued strong growth in these two large low-income countries will benefit the world economy as a whole, reduce global poverty, and serve as an incentive to other developing countries," the world body said in a report.

"China is fast becoming a center for trade in Asia - and a locomotive for Japan," UN under secretary general for economic affairs, Jose Antonio Ocampo, said. But despite improved global economic prospects, large imbalances remain in the world economy, he said, launching the 75-page "World Economic Situation and Prospects, 2004".

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It's High Time That Asia Got Its Act Together

Anthony Rowley, The Business Times Online Edition
January 7,  2004

...Pan-regional cooperation that attempts to address some, if not all, of these issues may be dismissed as a Utopian dream. This is a cop-out, however, and reflects the lack of the statesmanship needed to make cooperation a reality. What is needed is for one or two Asian leaders to propose a pan-regional summit that focuses on envisioning what Asia might become once its use of resources is rationalised. An inventory of possibilities would allow bilateral and sub-regional cooperation to develop within a rational framework. The question 'What is Asia?' needs to be posed anew as 'What Could Asia Become?' in future.

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