JACIK in comparison of ASEAN+3 Roadmap

RIS research has shown that the welfare gains are significantly higher for all partners in JACIK (ASEAN+3+India) compared to the ASEAN+3 approach. The gains to the region are higher than India's gains. The advantage of JACIK over ASEAN+3 stems from the strong complementary strengths that India brings to the grouping in terms of services and software to hardware and maufacturing prowess of East Asia.

India's integration with East Asia would not take an added effort because East Asia's share in India's trade is already more than a quarter and is growing fast. Also, the Indian economy is getting increasingly integrated with East Asian production chains especially in knowledge-based segments such as chip design, embedded software, R&D etc.

For a detailed study on the welfare gains from JACIK please read the RIS Discussion paper (No. 78) by S K Mohanty, Sanjib Pohit, and Saikat Sinha Roy on Towards Formation of Close Economic Cooperation among Asian Countries.


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