Towards An Asian Economic Community:
Vision of a New Asia

Editor – Nagesh Kumar
Published jointly by ISEAS, Sinagpore and RIS, 2004. ISBN: 81-7122-094-0

This book makes a case for an Asian Economic Community that would be broader in coverage than the current programmes for economic cooperation in the region. It argues that the community is evolving in a phased manner with Japan, ASEAN, China, India and Korea (JACIK) providing the initial core group that can be expanded to cover other parts of Asia subsequently, as in Europe. The analysis presented in the book shows that regional economic integration could act as a new engine of growth and generate hundreds of billions of additional output and assist Asia regain its place in the world economy that it had until the eighteenth century. The book also examines the emerging patterns of regional integration in JACIK region and presents an analysis of the potential and prospects of cooperation in the areas of trade, money and finance, technology and investments.

This book will be useful to Asian policy-makers and scholars looking for a vision in making the 21st century an Asian century.