ASEAN-India Vision 2020:
Working Together for a Shared Prosperity

RIS, New Delhi, 2004. ISBN: 81-7222-092-4

This Vision 20202 of ASEAN-India Partnership proposes a long-term strategic roadmap that will enable them to exploit the synergies to foster a comity of nations integrated at the commercial, cultural, political, and social spheres and to achieve their respective long-term developmental goals. Given the complementarities between ASEAN and India, a greater integration will help them join the ranks of developed economies. It will also enable them to address the common challenges to comprehensive security. The eventual vision of the ASEAN-India Partnership is to promote Asian economic integration as a new engine of growth along with other East Asian countries (Japan, China and Korea).

This document has been prepared as per the mandate of the Second ASEAN-India Summit held in Bali in October 2003 which called for the preparation of a long- term roadmap for the growing ASEAN-India partnership prepares by the think tanks of the region. It represents the outcome of wide-ranging consultations with in India and between RIS and ASEAN-ISIS and other think tanks in ASEAN.