Seminar on Emerging East Asian Regionalism: Options for India

The recent ASEAN Summit has given an impetus to broader regionalism in Asia with the proposed launch of an East Asian Community at a East Asian Summit to be held in November 2005 in Malaysia.  The list of countries that will participate in the East Asian Summit is yet to be finalized.  This is an important development of potential major significance for India and needs an urgent policy response.  Prime Minister Dr Manmohan Singh has indicated the importance India attaches to her integration with East Asia by calling at Laos Summit for an Asian Economic Community combining Japan, ASEAN, China, India and Korea (JACIK). 

In order to  brainstorm on the topic, Seminar on Emerging East Asian Regionalism: Options for India was organised at RIS on Thursday, 10 February 2005 at RIS. 

Dr. Mukul Asher, Professor, LKY School of Public Policy, National University of Singapore made the key presentation. It was followed by open discussion. Ambassador A.N. Ram, former Secretary (ER), Ministry of External Affairs kindly Chaired the Seminar.

Presentation on 'India and East Asia: Case for a Stronger Economic Partnership'

A Report on the Seminar