News 2004 


Asian Nations to Discuss Oil Cooperation at Meet

Japan Adopts FTA Policy Focusing on Partners in Asia

Asia Cooperation Dialogue Member Countries Boost Ties

Asian FTA Talks on the Rise 

Malaysia to Host Second East Asia Forum

India , ASEAN Draw Contours of Cooperation 

Japan, ASEAN Eye More Alliances 


India, China, Two Reasons for Economic Integration
Tenth ASEAN Summit 
ASEAN Takes a Step Closer to Economic Integration 
Tenth ASEAN Summit Opens in Vientiane 
Eighth ASEAN+3 Summit 
India, ASEAN to set up RTIA
Third India ASEAN Summit
Assembly of Asian Parliaments for Peace
China, Japan, S. Korea Adopt Strategy on Cooperation
Malaysian PM hails ASEAN Cooperation with Partners Outside Region
ASEAN-ROK Free Trade Area to be Established with in 10 Years 
ASEAN Meets in Laos
South Asian Commerce Ministers Meet for Expanding Regional Trade
Indian Prime Minister's Speech at the India-ASEAN Car Rally 
India ASEAN Car Rally Opens 
Economic Integration, Thailand, Myanmar to Dominate ASEAN Summit
Tenth ASEAN Summit to Bolster International, Regional Cooperation
Enhanced Cultural Cooperation in Asia to Bring Social Harmony, Economic Development
BIMP-EAGA, Northern Territory Forge Cooperation in 7 Areas
Meet on Asian Economic Integration in Tokyo
Ha Noi Hosts Asian Bankers’ Conference
Asian Banks Want Better Regional Integration


Japanese Ambassador Takano: Currency Integration among Korea, Japan, and China on the Way
Singapore and India to Step Up cooperation
India Promotes Idea of free Trade within East, South Asia
Indo-ASEAN Partnership should lead to an Asian Economic Community: Full Text of Prime Minister Manmohan Singh's Speech 


BIMSTEC Nations Study Trans-rail Link
UNCTAD Sees Promising FDI Prospects for Asia
Regional Cooperation Beneficial to Asian Countries
Full Text of Beijing Declaration of ICAPP
ICAPP Calls on Asian Countries to Cooperate in Energy
Third Asian Political Parties' Conference Concludes


Third ICCAP to Promote Regional Cooperation and Seek Common Development
China to Host Third Asian Political Parties Conference
Malaysia proposes Asian Monetary Institute


First BIMSTEC Summit held in Bangkok 
Shadow' Group Aims for Asian Integration
Look East: Singapore PM to India
Asian Parliament Leaders Support Fight Vs Poverty
Rise of China & India : ASEAN Well Placed to Reap Benefits
Pakistan Joins ASEAN Regional Forum as its Full Member
India Signs MoU with Myanmar, Laos, Vietnam on EDC
ADB explores road map for more regionally integrated Asia
ASEAN, Dialogue Partners Achieve More Than Primary Objectives in Jakarta
ASEAN+3 Hold Meeting in Jakarta 


Pacific Forum Calls for Regional Cooperation
22 Asian Nations Adopt 13-point Programme on Cooperation

22 Asian Nations Agree To Move ‘Hand-in-hand’

ACD FMs Say Regional Cooperation Contributes to Peace, Development in Asia
Asia Initiates Energy Cooperation

Thailand calls for Asian Energy Planning 

Asia Faces Historic Opportunity To Strengthen Cooperation 

Regional Bond Markets Conducive To Financial Stability
ACD Reflects Asia's Aspiration for Closer Cooperation


Asia's Agricultural Ministers Gather in Beijing
Asian Single Currency Still Decades Away
ASEAN+3 To Further Financial, Monetary Cooperation, Structural Reforms
Reform, Cooperation key to keep progress in Asia: ADB Chief 
New PPI Study Examines Emerging "Asian Union"


Developing Asia To Outperform World Economy, Says ADB
Twenty Three Nations Sign Accord on Asian Highway Network 
FTAs Good For Multilateral Process: Asia-Pacific Trade Ministers
Asian Nations Seek Common Cultural Ground
Cambodian PM on Win-Win For ASEAN, East Asia
As Asia Seeks Common Prosperity, China Promises Opportunities For Neighbours
ASEAN Push For Priority Integration
IMF Welcomes Asian Bond Initiative
Journalists Mull Asia Integration
Asia, Oceania Central Banks Plan Local Currency Bond Fund
East Asia Can Rival The West
ADB and SAARC Sign an MOU For Cooperation
ARF Senior Officials Meeting in Myanmar
Japanese Ministry Eyes Pan-Asian Oil Framework 
New Round of Japan-Thai FTA Talks Begins
Asian Collective Approach on GM Food
ASEAN Finance Ministers Focus on Integration
Japan, China Agree on Regular Meetings Including South Korea  


Need to Integrate Asia Bond Markets
Key Business Lobby Floats FTA Panel
Stronger Integration Efforts Must For Asia
Fresh Push for Deeper Regional Monetary Cooperation


South Korea Could Lead the Way 
BIMSTEC Countries Sign FTA Framework
Philippines Thailand To Push For Regional 'Petroleum Hub'
Thailand To Contribute $ 1 Billion For Asian Bond Fund
East Asia Exposed To Speculative Fund
Dhaka Jakarta for Closer Asian Ties
Asian IT Ministers Summit
China and ASEAN Sign MOU
Asian Nations Intensify Cooperation to Fight Trans-national Crimes
Twelfth SAARC Summit